Saturday, January 1, 2011

A glimpse of heaven from a very small dream

I found myself laying face down, crying. My body was completly stretched out, arms extended above my head.   I slowly lifted my head  and opened my eyes and focused on  his feet.  His beautiful feet with the deep scars.  My hand shaking I stretched out my arms toward them and lay my hands across His feet.  I had never sobbed so hard and yet felt no sorrow.  I was just completly undone.  Undone and  fully abandoned because of His holiness, His awesomeness, His beauty.  Never before had I experienced anything like it.  No fear, no saddness, just overwhelming love.  If I spent the rest of eternity lying there with just my hands on his feet it would have been enough, more than enough.  Suddenly I sensed others around me.  I reluctantly removed my hands from off his feet and placed them on the ground to help steady myself to rise.  As if in slow motion I rose to a standing position.  I looked around me and saw a sea of people.  A vast sea of smiling, beautiful faces.  The "sea" began to part leaving a path.  One person was standing in the center of the path some distance off but I recognized him immediatly.  I knew and could see his smile from where I was standing.  I began to run toward him....I ran as I have never ran before.  Then we were together, embracing, twirling, I was sobbing and laughing...all at once.  We pulled back from each other so we could see each other's faces, but never broke our embrace.  Then he pulled me to him so tight and whispered in my ear, "this is what it is going to be like".  Once he spoke I sat straight up in bed fully awake.  It was a dream.  A beautiful dream that I hold as a gift.  It feels as if I was given a secret blessing.  Daniel's voice was so clear and familiar to my ears, just that one sentence that was just a whisper.  I never saw any part of Christ except His feet, it was as if I could not have handled anymore in my humanly state.  None of the other people  spoke but the joy and peace that exuded from them was loud...and all of their faces were smiling a knowing smile.  They parted for me so I could see my son.  This treasured dream comes back to my mind often and the details of it remain strangley sharp.  Today, months later, I walk thru its memory again and decided to write it down.  I wish I could show everyone the beauty that I felt and that they could see the "movie" in my head.  Words are small, but the meaning is larger than life and goes far beyond our life here....far beyond.
Eternity in Heaven is real, beautiful and only have to accept the gift....and I pray you do as you do not want to miss it. 

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  1. wow, beautiful and powerful Kathy. I enjoyed reading your blog. I will add you to my blogspot so I can stay in tune to your writing. Welcome to a new year you like a sis,Kimberly